Why You Need an Immigration Attorney !

A good professional attorney:

  • knows the law.
  • is experienced in procedure & case outcomes.
  • is candid in counsel. 
  • puts your interest first.
  • provides the right case strategy.
  • is committed to successful case completion
  • is resourceful in case outcomes.

 A self-petitioner, notario, or document service:

  • costs more in the end.
  • doesn't know the law.
  • is unskilled in case procedure.
  • risks irreparable damage to the case.
  • can lose what's saved in court. 
  • no representation before a judge.

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Why You Need an Attorney Video Transcript


The reason why an individual needs the assistance of an attorney has never been greater!

 We are in a time when immigration by the estimate of many people is broken and ineffective in serving the needs of the people,  either the immigrants themselves or the population of the United States in general.  It has never been more difficult to negotiate and it is full of constant changes, literally on the average of 30-35  with laws, policies, rules, and orders of various agencies that are  involved in immigration with the federal government to where it is almost impossible for the average individual, the average immigrant to understand what those changes are and how it effects them to where failure to understand any of those changes at the wrong time or place could result in what normally would be considered an average or routine procedure, turning it into a disaster that would end in the deportation of that individual and the wrack and ruin of that family that is effected, often, in fact, usually composed of United States citizens themselves.

The fact that an individual is in need of an attorney is not something that is to supply benefits to lawyers, although we certainly like to be paid for what we do.  The bottom line of what a lawyer is, especially in a situation like this, especially when we don't know what is going to be coming up on the horizon with the laws about to be changed  under President Donald Trump, is because lawyers are first of all servants.  That is how I see my task.  I want to be compensated for what I do and compensated fairly within what the market place would allow but everything I would be paid for is an act of service for a family, for an individual, for a business man or woman whose trying to take care of a problem, a shortage in his business or her business for some reason that can't be taken care of by a person who is an American citizen or a permanent legal resident.  Of course every individual is different and their situation is different and that is why the personal attention of an attorney is all important.  I hope to be able to be your attorney to serve you and to meet the needs of yourself and your family. 

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