Consultation Fees



Special free video consultation - up to 10 minutes of free time

Over 10 minutes it will be $50.00 for an hour. - (See Consultation Credits)

$75.00 /hour for non-business in person consultations - (See Consultation Credits)

$100.00 /hour for in person business consultations. - (See Consultation Credits)

See "Why We Charge a Minimal Consultation Fee" in paragraph below.  Thank you!

Consultation and Referral Credits

Consultation Credits

If a person becomes a client of Pacifica Legal through an arranged and signed attorney / client agreement, the consultation fee will be DEDUCTED from the balance of legal services charged.

Referral Credits

Since many immigrants know other immigrants that might need an attorney, Pacifica Legal even provides a referral incentive that allows a client 10% deduction credit off their outstanding balance up to 3 times if that someone they know enters into a signed attorney / client contract for our services.

Specific Service Consultations

There are some consultations that are arranged only for a specific service that doesn't require any attorney/client agreement.  Those are rare but in such cases the consultation fee is retained in lieu of a customized fee arrangement for the service.

Why We Charge a Minimal Consultation Fee

A consultation with an immigration attorney can cost as much as $450.00 for an hour.  Our attorney has initially offered free consultations in the course of this practice but found that the cumulative effect of free consultations without further consideration to engage legal representation became a drain on the attorney's time and Pacifica Legal clients.  There are pro bono (free) immigration counseling services that are available for those types of needs but In the long run, these agencies are overworked with few truly motivated to a greater commitment towards your case. 

 Understandably, there are budget concerns on the part of most that are shopping around and/or want to try filing themselves.  However, what one saves in a "cheaper deal" has been lost in court!  Your whole life and that of family members is TOO IMPORTANT to RISK in the search for bargain basement prices. 

Immigration law is complex and not a "one size fits all" solution through simple form filing.  Each case has a unique history and in the processing, individual challenges that may arise, which when considered carefully by an experienced attorney, can make all the difference in success or failure of a case outcome.  In these consultations, a lawyer is dedicating his time and expertise to a proper case analysis and strategy which IS NOT the same as spending 15 minutes with a notario or document service preparer who now are prohibited by California state law from giving any legal advice in the course of providing document service. 

Only licensed attorneys,  or specialized consultants that are certified to be admitted before immigration courts may offer legal counsel. (CA Assembly Bill 638, section 22440).  

Therefore, we think you will find that our adjusted charges listed above are  reasonable and fair compensation for an attorney's time and expertise and much lower than what is normally charged by other attorneys  even for a half hour. Thanks in advance for your understanding.